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Pulikalin Kural FM:

Pulikalin Kural FM is known as the voice of Tiger. The Tamil community loves to hear good Tamil songs. Thus, for this reason, Pulikalin Kural FM was born and they are now having a great number of daily listeners for their listener oriented Tamil music-based programs with very high ratings.

The tradition of Tamil music goes back to the earliest period of Tamil history. Many poems of the Sangam literature, the classical Tamil literature of the early common era, were set to music. There are various references to this ancient musical tradition found in the ancient Sangam books such as Ettuthokai and Pattupattu. The early narrative poem Cilappatikaram, belonging to the post-Sangam period also mentions various forms of music practised by the Tamil people. Music was also utilised in the compositions of the Tamil Saiva saints such as Appar, Thirugnana Sambanthar and Manikkavasagar during the Hindu revival period between the sixth and the tenth centuries CE. The musical poet Arunagirinathar further embellished the Tamil musical tradition through his compositions of Tamil hymns known as Thiruppugazh. Carnatic music, which is the classical music form of Southern India, has a long history in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu has produced a number of famous performers, as well as a closely related classical dance form Bharatha Natyam.

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Location: India, Tamil

Language: Tamil

Genres: Culture, Local Music 

WebSite: www.pulikalinkural.com