Prima FM 95.8

Prima FM 95.8

Prima FM 95.8 live broadcasting from Indramayu, Indonesia. Nonstop playback of popular music based on the category they focused on is played with all the modern broadcasting technology to provide a quality style and experience of music. Prima FM 95.8 is the radio that not only focuses on music but also focuses on those music that are trending in top charts. Prima FM 95.8  is one of the most famous online radio station on Indonesia.

Information: Prima Radio Voice … Often we call it Radio Prima FM airs on 95.8 Mhz. Motto as Haurgeulis radio doesnothing else to introduce and elevate that radio location is located in the western part of the districtHaurgeulis Indramayu. Radio Prima FM was established on April 4, 2000, quite a long journey when bergaungnya reform freedom of work is really fighting for, the licensing process to set up stations radiopun really wide open, the licensing process radio prima was started by Mr. Ino Sanjaya as PRIMA leadership FM Radio with her sister Toto Suwarto.

Finally … came from a concoction of the program and welcome of masyarakatpun so enthusiastic with the presence of PRIMA 95.8 FM, especially when the community outside the territory Haurgeulis also welcomed warmly radio presence that is now widely known to the public in various regions. The greeting was the inspiration for PRIMA FM to continue to expand the network of the reception area. With a multi-segment radio backrest PRIMA FM Radio continues to create innovations with the latest series of universal program for Radio Prima FM presented to a pluralistic society that must be able to accommodate all the people of different ethnicities. Different types of music served as Dangdut, Pop andRegional Songs always accompany a long trip PRIMA FM Radio.

Following the technological advances developed at this time, where the radio broadcasts will no longer be heard through conventional radio device, in addition can be heard through the frequency 95.8 FM, Radio Prima FM can also be heard on-line via live streaming. This is to accommodate the listener beyond the reach of PRIMA 95.8 FM broadcasts to keep listening to our broadcast programs on-line

 Radio Information:
 Location: Indonesia  Language: Indonesian
 Genres: Variety, Music  WebSite: www.primafm958.com