Unisi FM 104.5

Unisi FM 104.5

Unisi FM 104.5 live broadcasting from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Unisi FM 104.5 broadcast various kind of latest Pop, Top 40/Pop, dance, Local music. Unisi FM 104.5 is one of the most famous online radio station on Indonesia.

Information: Radio is actually in existence since 1969 under the name CBS – Broadcasting Station Campus, initiated by the students of Islamic University of Indonesia on elder Mr. thinking. Khahar Muzakir. Utilizing the narrow space in the corner of the campus on the way Cik Ditiro 1, the broadcast broadcaster broadcasting the bustle of college sidelines. Although the broadcast was interrupted conducted lectures, radio with young style and occupies chanel SW-119 meters, got a response and sympathy Jogja child.

Diujutkan Unisi concern in the community through various social activities, such as inviting people in the activity Rochani, fostering the rickshaw drivers to communion until the implementation of trainings. Yogyakarta earthquake in 2006 knocked Unisi to take care of the various partners korbn earthquake, various assistance from the BBC, ABC, KBR 68H, Foreign Governmental agencies, universities in various cities to flow. Start medicines, tents, lights, carpentry tools, to the best food distributed radio receivers kemasyarakat. To develop the activities of broadcasting and business, early 2007 Unisi radio studios and offices move Jl.Pasarkembang New Jl.Demangan 41 to 24. This transfer a lot of consideration, in addition to a more representative, this new studio gives more convenience to the activity of off-air activities. Challenges the client to be able to radio as a medium activity, making Unisi Radio complements the division operasinal off the water – Event Organizer who work on land based activities. Additionally equipped fleet Prodoction House design and acquire the service radio program, Traning Center for training, and extended to the Business Centre.

 Radio Information:
 Location: Indonesia  Language: Indonesian 
 Genres: Local Music, Top 40/Pop  WebSite: www.unisifm.com