Top 5 Radio Stations in Iran

Top 5 Radio Stations in Iran

In Iran there are many radio stations they broadcasts various types of Irani and International music. From all of the radio stations of Iran Free radio Tune has Listed Top 5 Radio Stations in Iran.

List of  Top 5 Radio Stations in Iran:

1. Radio Farda

2. Iranian Radio

3. Radio Javan

4. Bia2 Radio

5. Radio Darvish

Top 5 online Radio Stations in Iran

Music of Iran  or Music of Persia, as evidenced by the archaeological records of the Fertile Crescent civilization of Elam, the most ancient culture in southwestern Iran, dates back thousands of years. There is a distinction between the science of Music, or Musicology, which, as a branch of mathematics has always been held in high regards in Persia/Iran; as opposed to music performance , which has had an uneasy and often acrimonious relationship with the religious authorities and, in times of religious revival, with the society as a whole.