Radio Studio Delta

Radio Studio Delta:

Radio Studio Delta live broadcasting from Cesena, Italy. Italian music is the main feature of Radio Studio Delta. Their vision is to ensure their listeners Italian Top 40 and pop musical programs. Radio Studio Delta is a very entertaining radio.

Radio Studio Delta was created in 1981 by the initiative of Alberto Emiliani, Marco Lucchi, and Alessandro Valletta. Currently, he based in Cesena in a building of 1,000 square meters. between broadcast studios, editing, and sales offices, and its team consists of about thirty employees and associates. According to data Audiradio, Radio Studio Delta is the most listened to station in Romagna for many years, with a daily average of 139,000 users and a listening time of 97 minutes per listener. The good relations established with all the record companies have always allowed proposing music previews and interviews with the biggest artists of the moment. Radio Studio Delta is part of the twenty radio, network and not, throughout Italy, monitored by music control.

The program of Radio Studio Delta, with live broadcasts from 6 to 23, in addition to devoting a large part to information with national and local newscasts, includes musical information daily “starlight” film “Hollywood party” and Leisure ” free time “. The musical proposal includes the most listened hit of the moment, ranging from world music to the great success of Italian music: “the successes of today, the classics of yesterday.” Needless to add that the staff is composed of professionals, some of whom voice actors at the national level, able to create their jingle and still airing commercials on major national networks.

The Radio Studio Delta frequencies covering the provinces of Forli and Cesena (FM 92.80 / 103.80 / 91.40), Ravenna (FM 92.80), Rimini (FM 89.30), Pesaro and Urbino (FM 89.30), Perugia (FM 103.00), Arezzo (FM 103.00), Bologna (FM 96.50), Ferrara (FM 92.10 / 96.50) and Rovigo (FM 96.50); coverage also includes the Republic of San Marino (FM 89.30 / 92.80).

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 Location: Italy  Language: Italian
 Genres: Italian Music, Pop, Top 40  WebSite: www.rsd.it

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