Radio Veronica One

Radio Veronica One

Radio Veronica One live broadcasting from Torino, TO, Italy. Radio Veronica One broadcast various kind of latest pop, rock, classic, top 40, etc. music. Radio Veronica One, the Piedmont regional radio that accompanies you every day with the music and the speakers of your choice, making you leading to the microphone. Interact with us! Radio Veronica One is one of the most famous online radio station on Italy.

Radio Veronica One is a ‘ radio station Piedmont , active since 1977 . Over time it has expanded its coverage modulation frequency , assuming the regional radio station features. The issuer is directed by Fabrizio Fishermen from 2006. The coverage area particularly interested in Torino , Cuneo , Alba , Asti , the lower Susa Valley , the Canavese , Biella , Vercelli and the province of Novara .

By Veronica One they have passed when they were little known characters like Gigi D’Agostino ( D’Agostino Planet ) and Gabry Ponte ; among the speakers they have collaborated Beppe Cuva (current director of Radio web of Finelco), Fabio Marelli (now at Discoradio) Mauro De Marco , Roberto Greganti (now Radio Bruno), Massimo Parisi , Sergio Melito (Manila Radio, RTL Torino, hit Channel (now radio Veronica One) Cristian Panzanaro past Heart radio (now radio Veronica) also realizes the stage animations for rtl 102.5, currently posted to Channel 5 Afternoon 5, Edward Monasterolo (then passed to CHIN radio in Toronto, Canada ) and Elisa Dante (passed to R 101 and currently GRP).

 Radio Information:
 Location: Italy  Language: Italian 
 Genres: Top 40, Pop  WebSite: www.radioveronicaone.it