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Saiuz WebNetwork live broadcasting from Italy. Saiuz WebNetwork broadcast various kind Variety songs. Saiuz WebNetwork is one of the most famous online radio station on Italy. Saiuz WebRadio born because today radio listeners have their consciousness asleep and do not realize what happens to us or force us to accept politicians. So he wants rosvegliare the dormant consciousness that makes us helpless in politics and parties.

Saiuz WebNetwork is an independent, without any profit, which deals with different topics, from current events to culture through the free music, and is the brainchild of Saiuz (Rosario) with the intent to inform and awaken the consciousness of People. The main purpose of the Network is to give space and voice to all in order to make a comparison and a cultural exchange of ideas by taking advantage of the spaces that the Issuer makes available: the program schedules of the whole programming to the various pages on the Web.

 Radio Information:
 Location: Italy  Language: Italian
 Genres: Variety  WebSite:
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