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Talk Jamaica Radio:

Talk Jamaica Radio live broadcasting from Montego Bay, Jamaica. Talk Jamaica Radio is one of the most famous online radio station on Jamaica. The primary aim of Talk Jamaica Radio is to educate, entertain and inform individuals in the Caribbean and the diaspora about issues affecting people politically, socially, economically, and culturally via our Talk Jamaica Radio platform and various social media outlets. Talk Jamaica Radio will at all times embrace an all inclusive approach by acknowledging and respecting the views of all individuals. We will entertain rigorous debates and vigorously probe the issues confronting people as we seek to empower our listeners and followers on the internet and social media. We believe that through our programmes we will contribute meaningfully to the process of lifelong learning. Through this sort of engagement and interaction with listeners, we will unearth truths, clarify myths and correct misconceptions about issues affecting them. Talk Jamaica Radio was officially launched in 2014, after a pilot programme in the end of 2013.

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Radio Information:

Location: Jamaica

Language: English

Genres: Music, News, Talk

Website: www.talkjamaicaradio.com

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