Bliss 104.3

Bliss 104.3

Bliss 104.3 one of the most famous online radio station on JordanBliss 104.3 is a variety music radio station in Amman, Jordan, playing modern classics from the 80s, 90s and 2000s as well as handpicked hits. Bliss is a brand that strikes a nostalgic nerve with listeners who wish to remember a fonder time – perhaps from their teenage years or college days. It’s a full package complete with live programs, specialty shows, exciting guests and a tasteful selection of tracks that lift you up.

Our all-Jordanian team is big on bringing listeners all the entertainment they can handle but also make it a point to tackle the big issues that affect our lives, both locally and globally. For the first time in the capital we’re taking your dinner-table conversations to the airwaves and giving you a platform to have your say.

Radio Information:

Location: Jordan

Language: Arabic

Genres: Euro Hits

Website: www.bliss.jo