Radio NS

Radio NS

Radio NS live broadcasting from Kazakhstan. It was first heard in the call sign Air Almaty March 6, 1995. Music arrangement radio NS show live – Top 40 well known contemporary music, as it were, “prevalent organization “, which celebrated this wave. Here you can hear the best hits of the most recent years, and also get to know fresh out of the box new pieces Russian specialists and remote craftsmen.

Radio NS radio station during its existence, has earned many awards and honors. Pride Radio NS were two category “Efemmi” first “Best Program of the Year” – “Portraits”, the second “Best presenter of the year” – Nail Akhmedzhanov. The brand “the NS Radio” is recognized as the winner of the Gran-Prix «People love” Kazakh contest Brand of the year.

Nothing stands still, and we grow together with our listeners. For example, the “popular” music format, which for many years was characterized by our radio station, has undergone significant changes over the last couple of years. More “adult” music, more news and useful information – this is what is nice NS radio broadcast today. History of the station remember a lot of people, programs, music, guests and the metamorphosis of different properties, and because the current team – the veterans and NS novices together – doing everything to experience together with the living, true radio broadcast look to the future, reflected in the air decorating your weekdays and holidays. About that, in some cities and at what frequency you can hear the National Network, you will find in the section of the city , the team, which makes the NS for you every day, you will be welcomed in the section people . Also, you can always visit our website more about all the programs , news , and the system work advertising services .

Radio Information:

Location: Kazakhstan

Language: Russian

Genres: Contemporary, Top 40

Web Site: www.ns.kz