Marina FM Lite

Marina FM Lite

Marina FM Lite live broadcasting from Kuait.You are Listening one of the popular Kuwait online radio station Marina FM Lite. Marina FM Lite broadcasting 24 hours .Marina FM Lite broadcasts 80s,funk,soul music.It’s broadcasting location is Marina Mall.Marina FM Lite is among the famous radio station from the country.s the first private radio station in Kuwait .

Marina FM is often a fresh approach to assist local radio, the radio puts the emphasis in music, power, entertaining, and public help.

Marina FM provided a distinguished line in the genres of shows and the way they’re presented which differs from the usual mainstream in radio, Marina FM got closer to the audience through the local dialect, and made itself reachable to people to offer new topics, songs and media personalities.

The name Marina basically comes from Marina Mall where the radio station is located, Marina Mall is considered one of the entertainment shopping centers in the State of Kuwait.

Radio Information:

Location: Kuait

Language: English

Genres: 80s, Funk, Soul

WebSite: marinafm.com