Emmanuel Radio Madagascar

Emmanuel Radio Madagascar

Emmanuel Radio Madagascar live broadcasting from Madagascar. Emmanuel Radio Madagascar is a very entertaining and engaging radio which is with us through songs, sermons, animations and various programs we will send you the two colors of the Most High: The Red, the color of love and The Blue, the color of truth. Good listening. Emmanuel Radio Madagascar is one of the most famous online radio station on Madagascar.

Most of the program is for evangelism and save all mankind.Emmanuel Madagascar emits radio serving all those who thirst to know God and come to him. Most of the programming is produced in Malagasy, others in French and English. All this is designed by a dedicated staff and everything to the cause of the gospel. Each program is designed to preach the gospel in one way or another. Apart sermons and sermons given by the Evangelists, Pastors and Missionaries of the Church “Manamboara Vatsy” the various programs that are made for evangelism. Each show is unique, glory to God. The whole team is determined successfully completed the mission of Jesus Christ. God wants to do through all emissions Emanuel radio voice of the gospel.

Radio Information:

Location: Madagascar

Language: English

Genres: Local Music, Various