Vibe FM 88.7

Vibe FM 88.7

Vibe FM 88.7 live broadcasting from Malta. Vibe FM 88.7 is one of the most famous online radio station on Malta. Vibe FM 88.7 broadcast various kind of latest dance r n b hits etc. music.

Throughout its history, informal għana situations frequently occurred among both men and women. The informal sessions shed light on the importance of the music in day-to-day life of the Maltese. The very origins of għana can be traced back to early peasant farmers. Ciantar (2000), in his article ‘From the Bar to the Stage’ puts together the writings of a number of foreign and Maltese scholars who make the claim early għana instances represents both the “simple life of the Maltese peasant life”, and the “intact natural environment of the island”. Ciantar argues that the roots of għana are buried deep within traditional Maltese way of life, so much so that the two become synonymous with each other. Such a description by the scholar Aquilina (1931), for instance, emphasises this link between the people and għana:

How lovely it is, to hear from a remote and abandoned village amidst our island’s hills, during a moonlit evening, while the cricket is hidden among the tomato plants, breaking the evening’s silence, a handsome and healthy young man, swarthy as our country makes him, singing his għana ceaselessly.

Radio Information:

Location: Kappara, Malta

Language: English

Genres: Dance, R n B, Hits, Kappara

Web Site: www.vibefm.com.mt