Listen Los 40 Principales fm

Listen Los 40 Principales fm

Los 40 (The 40, adapted as LOS40 and previously Los 40 Principales, Spanish: Los-cuarenta) is a Top 40 melodic radio organization and radio broadcast brand in numerous Spanish-talking nations from PRISA Radio. The station has its causes as a music show at Radio Madrid, today Cadena SER in 1966, where the 40 Principales graph was conceived, at that point advanced into an independent radio broadcast in 1979.


LOS40 is the main music station in the greater part of the areas it serves. A few stations under this brand name are possessed and worked or are authorized by PRISA to utilize the brand. Some LOS40 stations are worked by a neighborhood telecom organization and partnered with the organization that holds a permit to utilize the brand from Grupo PRISA. Each LOS40 network normally communicates its own public feed from its individual country.

Los 40 Principales – Youth station with the biggest current international music hits, offering at all times the most outstanding musical programs of the current genres and news from the world of entertainment, as well as Latin pop culture.

Los 40 Principales fm