Haliz Gagauz Radiosu

Haliz Gagauz Radiosu

Haliz Gagauz Radiosu live online broadcasting from Moldova. It plays different range of music genres like Folk, Hits, Traditional Gagauz music. Among the people of all ages, this radio channel plays music programs and talk shows 24 hours live online. Haliz Gagauz Radiosu is one of the most famous online radio station on Moldova.

Gagauz Radio 1991 years, father MARTA (March) was founded in ritual. This zamann the Gagauz Respublikasi reported. Ring haberlär to etiştir, AVTOnomiya as they exit the merkezindä to establish radio initiate the Gagauz leaders m.maruneviç, Dionis Tanasogl of . Haliz onn the first two programs are seslendirdilä Gagauz dilindä. Bolay first step was made for the development of the Gagauz radio. They meet this enylidene Yaşayann is sevinmelikl that, but yoksuzlu the 1994 financial year were closed beterinä Gagauz Radio, Neda asked Russia state radio kategoriya passed to the rayon.

2000 cu years TIKA (Turkish cooperation in Başkannı of Development Administration) of the Gagauz Radio for your help enidän was established. Büünk Gagauz prozente of 50 radio program, Gagauz dilindä yayınnanê are 25 prozente of – TRT FM, the remaining 25 prozente the Russian language , romin dillerindä . There is AVTOnomiya yaşayannar easy for raat seslesinnä: news, (canna of) music, “Main part of me”, “Gagauz voice”, “mother tongue” the programnar. Furthermore dinnenr hour each day to beer culture “in Gagauz wave” as the program çıkê canna. Most established radio was the Gagauz share, Assistant to the news source. Gagauz Radio quickly began büümää temple of the program are appreciated rich, full and they were curious. Broadcast at 7: 00 from Basler uninterrupted 24: 00-Gagauz yayınnar to come from.

Radio Information:

Location: Moldova

Language: English

Genres: Folk, Hits

Website: www.gagauzradio.ru