Hit FM Moldova

Hit FM Moldova

Hit FM Moldova knows how to admire music and how to put a playlist that’s gonna be loved so deeply by the listeners so that they will fall in love of music radio as well as their playlist. They are one of the peoples most lovable radio right now. Hit FM Moldova specially plays those songs which has got massive hits and listeners want to hear to them again and again.

HIT FM radio station started its work on the air at a frequency of 101.7 FM in Chisinau in September 1999. We can listen to almost all major cities of the country.

Format: Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) – Top-100
The musical component: Western, Russian and domestic pop music and dance genres.
In the broadcast sound hits the last 3 years.
The basis of musical ether: hits of the last 5-6 months.

Radio HIT FM – radio, do not try to outrun a fashion and time, and coming up with them. What do the principles of selection of musical material for our broadcast. Musical composition falling on the air Radio HIT FM – it took shape, promoted, recognized and loved by most listeners contemporary hits and songs The main distinguishing feature of the Radio HIT FM – a small number of calls in the air (short supply leading all the information).

Radio Information:

Location: Chişinău, Moldova

Language: English

Genres: Folk, Hits

Web Site: www.trm.md/ro/muzica