Radio Plai

Radio Plai

Radio Plai live broadcasting from Moldova, providing pop, top 40 music. Radio Plai always love to promote programs that bears social value. Radio Plai is one of the most famous online radio station on Moldova.

Radio Plai on 5 September 2006, and on February 1, 2012 we relaunched in a new format, under a new Concept with a new team and tallied an editorial product. We wanted to be as close to people’s hearts, to heal the wounds of history and music and humor to bring our contribution to the cultural reintegration of the Romanian people. I resisted, because we understand the mission – to rebalance and recalibrate the local media market. Now, the Kalashnikov is not the main tool for fighting enemies. Great battle raging on the media market and the stake is subconscious possession and destruction of ancestral values. We can not tolerate this contemporary form of occupation, nor are we going to bocim as a widow on the roads. We enter into battle! We are young, energetic, packed with ideas and, most importantly, know what we want and where we want to go and bear in mind the love for this nation and its traditions. If you feel the same, wherever you are, you are welcome in Great Plai Family lovers.

Radio Information:

Location: Moldova

Language: English

Genres: Pop, Top 40

Website: radioplai.md