Omulunga Radio

Omulunga Radio

Omulunga Radio live broadcasting from Namibia. It is one of the most famous online radio station on Namibia. Omulunga Radio broadcasters believe in providing real music variety, so listeners can enjoy a vast catalogue of known and unknown tracks, from Country to Dance, Hip-Hop to Classical, Jazz to Alternative, Rock to Folk, Blues to Ethnic, and much more. This gives us a potential to be the biggest listener ship radio in Namibia.

The name OMULUNGA is an Oshiwambo word for a Makalani or an indigenous Palm tree in the North of Namibia. The whole tree is of use to the people of the North – the roots, the bark, the stem, the leaves and best of all the fruit.Up to the 1st of February 2002, 56% of the Namibian population – the Owambo people – 1 008 000 people – only had one station to listen to. From the 1st of February, 2002 OMULUNGA RADIO took over.

Omulunga Radio serves as a Notice Board to the Owambo nation. Most families still live in the North but the husbands and sons are working all over Namibia. The local news is sent to these husbands and sons – and all the acquaintances in Namibia also take notice. The Owambo nation is very community orientated. That is why Omulunga Radio is a welcome Friend to the Listener and at the same time an excellent Marketing Tool for the Business community.

Radio Information:

Location: Namibia

Language: English

Genres: News, Variety

Web Site: www.omulunga.com