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Radio Nepal:

Radio Nepal was established on 1st April 1951. Initially, the transmission covered duration of 4 hours and 30 minutes through a 250 Watt SW transmitter. Over the years, Radio Nepal has strengthened its institutional capacity considerably and diversified itself in terms of programme format, technical efficiency, and coverage. Radio Nepal airs programmes on Short Wave, Medium Wave, and FM frequencies. Regular broadcasts cover the duration of 18 hours every day which includes 3 hours and 15 minutes of regional broadcasts 09:45 hrs. to 11:00 hrs. in the morning and 16:00 hrs 18:00 hrs in the evening. FM Kathmandu, the first FM-Channel covering Kathmandu valley and adjoining areas was started in 1995 from its premises at Singh Durbar, Kathmandu.

Radio Nepal First adj. In recent years, the month of December 2003 No. Electricity Authority launched the fireball was 5-watt power. This broadcast seven-eight months and this location was closed only been limited to the day from 3 pm broadcast was 1.30.

Esteban Rana rule with the objective of ending after 2006 Biratnagar in a radio center was established. Suddenly the morning of 13 December 1950, 8:30 pm heard a spread – “This is Radio Nepal democracy. We Mukti Morch from Biratnagar speaking to you. Local Agro connect people to a room air set upon 41m decompression program was broadcast. The broadcast Kathmandu, Darjeeling, Calcutta, Gorakhpur, and Benares by could hear. These places were major centers of operations in the 2007 year struggle against the Rana. Armed conflict to the radio station to broadcast news was proved very useful way.

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