Radio Republic 88.2

Radio Republic 88.2

Radio Republic 88.2 live broadcasting from Nepal. Sometimes when a radio focuses on a particular kinds of radio programs it becomes a bit boring to their listeners because of lack of variation and by understanding this Radio Republic 88.2 started their journey as an online radio to please their listeners all day long with various kinds of radio programs. Radio Republic 88.2 is one of the most famous online radio station on Nepal.

Western region of the Republic of Nepal birth place of Gautam Buddha Lumbini World Peace agraduta two large highway confluence point, those with the commercial center of west Nepal tourism history and communications sector will be considered moephasalako capital city, located in the idyllic Butwal Republic this radio 88.2 MHz minibus Publishing Pvt. LTD. Organization conducted.

Communications sector of the revolution internalize the new technological modernization through the currently operating sammunata future objective of making people in this region support the feudal, ninrakusa, social discrimination, corruption, evils against sustainable peace, prosperity and development for himself in action Creating the truth, facts and the latest news, clear ideas, art, literature and entertainment, and with full commitment in favor of national sovereignty and self-reliant economy in accordance with the people’s aspirations for building a new Nepal can play a role in the communications sector, we are committed to. National independence economy, from agriculture sucanamulaka program with race, class, region, gender problems and arguments as a means of raising an alert is reached ¥ m each vyaktima perspectives can be endeared to the Republic uddhesyale powered radio.

The FM Broadcasting sector regarding the Lumbini Zone District (Rupandehi, navalaparasi, Palpa, ardhakhamci, GULMI), and Narayani, Rapti, Dhaulagiri and Gandaki Zone, some regions and neighboring countries, India, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar State sametakajanata well-informed of the capacity and the core of this FM offers has.

Radio Information:

Location: Nepal

Language: Nepali

Genres: Various

Web Site: www.radiorepublic.com.np