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Basila Chill

Basila Chill Netherlands, welcome all of you to the house of entertainment that has been designed to give you the best radio experience no matter whether you are living in Netherlands or anywhere else in the world. With songs from the popular music artists of Netherlands and from the whole world this is all set to take you to a musical world where you are gonna come again and again. The playlists of Basila Chill also contains genres like pop, rap, rock, hip-hop, trance, electro house, country, soft etc. So, be with Basila Chill and get entertained 24/7.

The Netherlands has multiple musical traditions. Contemporary Dutch popular music (Nederpop) is heavily influenced by music styles that emerged in the 1950s, in the United Kingdom and the United States. The style is sung in both Dutch and English. Some of the latter exponents, such as Golden Earring and Shocking Blue, have attained worldwide fame.

More traditional Dutch music, however, is a genre known as “Levenslied”, meaning Song of/about life. These songs have catchy, simple rhythms and melodies, and are always built upon couplets and refrains. Themes are often sentimental and include love.

Radio Information:

Location: Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Genres: Blues, Variety

WebSite: www.basilachill.com