Radio Dinamica 103

Radio Dinamica 103

Radio Dinamica is a radio with varied programming covering the entire northern territory of Nicaragua in the frequency 103.7 FM and 104.9 FM. His co-owner, Mr. Medardo Contreras, in previous years, was a Jinotega radio partner and was the owner of the 910 Khz frequency, which had been purchased through TELCOR (a communications regulator in Nicaragua), but since it was a Society sold its share as well as the cable television system that had established in the municipality of Pantásma. The current direction of the radio is of the Silais-Jinotega half block to the East, house of room of its owners. The name of this radio denotes its true vision and mission since its programming has in dynamism that allows to reach its objective and to fulfill the expectations of thousands of listeners. Its varied programming also reaches the youth, interacting with participatory programs that make the difference. Among its first speakers was Mr. Originartio of Managua named Aldo Lara popularly known as Carelara, Mr. Milton Úbeda, Mrs. Martha Garcia wife of Lic. Hersan Montoya, Miguel Berrios and a series of speakers who have been characterized by their seriousness in the work

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Language: Spanish

Genres: Variety