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US 99.5

WUSN is a radio broadcast in the United States. Its image name is US99.5 and numerous individuals know it under its image name. It is authorized to Chicago, Illinois, and is possessed by CBS Radio (one of the biggest radio proprietors and administrators in the United States). They did an exceptionally intriguing advancement once in their set of experiences. The radio broadcast vowed to consistently play four melodies in succession and once this guarantee is broken they were happy to pay $10,000 to an individual who originally saw it and called them. Inside 3 days they gave two checks to their most mindful audience members.


The station started broadcasting tentatively on February 2, 1940, as W9XEN.[2][6] Shortly from that point, the station would be authorized as W51C, broadcasting at 45.1 MHz. It was one of the principal FM stations in the United States and is the nation’s most established FM station still in operation.[7][8][9][10] The station was possessed by the Chicago based radio/TV producer Zenith Radio Corporation.[7][3] Its transmitter was situated on the Field Building.[3]

In 1943, the station’s call sign was changed to WWZR.[3] In 1946, the station’s call sign was changed to WEFM, and it started broadcasting on 98.5 MHz while proceeding to communicate at 45.1 MHz.[3] WEFM’s call letters represented the initials of Zenith Radio Corporation president Eugene F. McDonald.[11][12] In 1947, the station’s recurrence was changed to 99.5 MHz.[3] On June 1, 1961, WEFM turned into the second station in the United States to communicate in FM stereo.[13] In 1972, its transmitter was moved to the John Hancock Center.[3]

From 1940, when the station started broadcasting, until February 1978 the station circulated a traditional music format.[14][15][16][17] Few notices were broadcasted, and until 1966 the main notices were for Zenith products.[18][19][14] In 1966, the station started to sell promoting time, however, ads were restricted to five minutes of great importance and the advertisements must be viable with WEFM’s old-style music format.[19]

In 1967, WEFM won the National Federation of Music Clubs’ “Uncommon 4-Star Award” for “exceptional programming dedicated to American composers”.


US 99.5