Radioactive 96 FM

Radioactive 96 FM

Radioactive 96 FM is one of the most famous online radio station on the Karachi, Pakistan. Radioactive 96 FM live to broadcast from the Karachi,Pakistan. This radio station is playing Bollywood, Adult Contemporary, Top 40/Pop, Young Adult, Asian Music etc genres of music. It is a 24 hours live online radio channel.

Radioactive 96 FM radio station is owned and operated by Radioactive 96 FM Ltd. The radio station has gained immense popularity amongst the upper, upper-middle and middle class youth of Karachi. The radio is listened to not only by people in their cars, but at important youth events as well.

Radioactive 96 FM portrays itself as a youth station, stating that they portray the youth culture, and are operated by the youth (a reference to its young RJ’s). The radio station is funded primarily by advertisements played on air during live shown, the adverts themselves being youth related.

Radio Information:

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Language: Urdu,Hindi

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Asian Music, Bollywood, Top 40

Web Site: www.radioactive96.fm