Antena Minho

Antena Minho

Antena Minho live broadcasting from Portugal. Antena Minho is an international on the internet radio train station actively playing media, crop up, strikes for the worldwide viewers. Antena Minho are generally an impartial train station for your on the internet age group, connecting individuals who have a strong hitting the ground with Braga, Portugal.

Radio news is similar to television news but is transmitted through the medium of the radio. It is based on the audio aspect rather than the visual aspect. Sound bites are captured through various reporters (generally through audio capture devices such as tape recorders) and played back through the radio. News updates occur more often on radio than on television – usually about once or twice an hour.

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Radio Information:

Location: Braga, Portugal

Language: Portuguese

Genres: Braga, News, Pop, Hits

Web Site: www.antena-minho.pt