Tropical FM 95.3

Tropical FM 95.3

Tropical FM 95.3 live broadcasting from Portugal. Tropical FM 95.3 is an international online radio station playing a Local Music, Brazilian music for a global audience. Tropical FM 95.3 also play 24 hours various kind of music genres. It is one of the most famous online radio station on Portugal.

With a cheerful and fun team and interactive programs, radio is increasingly winning the affection and the audience in this wonderful land called PORTUGAL, and with a wonderful culture that identifies with the BRAZILIAN CULTURE.
With this dynamism and joy in communication, Tropical FM won the preference of other nationalities such as: Portuguese, Angolans, Cape Verdeans, Mozambicans, Guineans, etc …
It operates at a frequency of 95.3 mhz and has a beleaguered antenna in the Moita region of Setubal. With much of its live programming, Tropical FM has been a radio generalist seeking to satisfy all tastes and genres.Playing Brazilian rhythms, Portuguese and African music.

Radio Information

Location: Portugal

Language: English

Genres: Variety

Web Site: www.tropicalfm.pt