Salsoul 99.1 FM radio Playlist

Salsoul 99.1 FM radio Playlist

At this present time, Salsoul 99.1 FM is a broadcast station in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At this time, provided Salsa Pop, Dance, and Classic Salsa music. 

Salsoul99.1 FM, an entertainment-based salsa radio station. As well as, is the leader in Puerto Rico. One of Arbitron’s most competitive markets. 

Salsoul99.1 FM is one of the most famous online radio stations in Puerto Rico. The Salsoul Network, made up of two simulcast FM facilities.

Salsoul 99.1 FM In addition info data:

It has been top-rated in every significant demographic since 1986. After all, In the critical age groups, the network often double. The audience of the number two station in this market of 125 stations and 3.5 million persons. 

The WPRM-FM and WIVA-FM network made up the first instance in the U.S. At this time, of using two FM signals to cover all of a large market. 

As well as, WPRM covers San Juan and Ponce; WIVA covers Mayagüez and Arecibo. They also added WRIO Ponce to the network. 

That there, Together, they cover the “consolidated” market favored. By all means, advertising agencies. By using parallel clustering, spots could be sold locally on either signal for smaller retail accounts.

Since June 24, 2013, and after 58 years of broadcasting. On the frequency of 98.5 FM, the radio station. With the Federal Communications Commission’s approval in the United States.

 It has changed to 99.1 FM for the best coverage.

The Salsoul 99.1 FM,  network, consisting of two Simulcast FM facilities. It has been rated at the top of each significant population since 1986.

As a matter of fact, In critical age groups, the network often doubles. The number of viewers of the number two station in this market of 125 stations. All in all, and 3 and a half million people.

The WPRM-FM and WIVA-FM networks are the primary models. Just as, the utilization of two FM signs to cover.

Most importantly,  WPRM covers San Juan and Ponce; WIVA covers Mayaguez and Arecibo. They have added WRIO pons to the network.

All in all, Together, they cover the optimal “integrate” market for advertising agencies. In a review led in 2015, audience members position them.


As the third-best station after K1010 105 FM and Z-33 FM. Through equal bunching, the stains can be sold locally. After all, On two signs for little retail accounts.

Since June 24, 2013. That there, and following 58 years of broadcasting. At a recurrence of 986.5 FM, the radio broadcast has been changing over to Salsoul 99.1  FM.

For the best inclusion with the endorsement of the United States. As well as, of now, Federal Communications Commission Salsoul 99.1. FM

The Salsal Network is a salsa radio network in Puerto Rico. Which has been top-rated since 1986. It consists of two FM stations. And to attract audiences across the island. It is known for its entertainment-centric programming.

One such station is Cadena Salsoul (Spanish: “Salsa Sol”). Other popular like RMM or PR radio. After all, Broadcast% 0% fewer ads than networks. Instead of finding them through an agent.

After all, Focuses on local talent. Because it’s not just quality music. As a matter of fact, Rather, it is important to know who composed them! In the 80s, Salsul in Puerto Rico. There was an innovative entertainment-centric salsa radio network.

After all, Two FM stations and millions across Latin America. After listening to their top-rated show “Salsul: The Soundtrack of My Life”.

About- salsoul 99.1

This company helps change how we listen to music today. All in all, Salsul Network is in Puerto Rico. A salsa radio station that broadcasts throughout the island.

They are not just for success. Also committed to sustainability and has been in it since 1986. The Cadena Salsoul has two FM frequencies. Of which one has reached across all fifty states.

And still in different populations. As a matter of fact, Maintains its top rating. After that there, Because you people are always in this kind of experience. You will see them turn on the speakers. Together they can get some good ‘fashion soulful music.

Radio contact info:

Radio Information:

Location: Puerto Rico

Language: English

Genres: Dance, Salsa, Pop

Web Site: www.salsoul.com

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