Radio HiT Mix

Radio HiT Mix:

Radio hit music from Romania is in demand programs which they can be thankful of. In reality, many listeners are tuning to their radio every single day. It is hard for them to ignore good music and, in particular, the radio hit that is provided by Romania. With the increasing number of listeners, though, the competition among Radio HiT Mix producers is getting stiffer.

Radio HiT Mix from Romania is a very famous program. Many DJs play it every day on different radio stations in Romania. The selection of music varies from the world-famous to country songs. In fact, Radio HiT Mix provides a broad selection of music from all over the world. They have a special program for children where they talk about different music and introduce it to kids in a very entertaining manner.

Radio hit in Romania is played in almost every house. Whenever you walk in your neighborhood, you will definitely hear it. Apart from that, many other activities are also associated with it. For example, when children make a request through chat or email, it gets answered. Children even talk about the songs played on the radio and how their request was denied by the DJ.

Radio contact info:

Radio Information:

Location: Romania

Language: Romanian

Genres: Pop, Top 40

Web Site: www.hitmix.ro

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