AlloDakar TamTam Radio

AlloDakar TamTam Radio:

Allo Dakar TamTam Radio Following its formation under the name Ndef Leng FM Dakar 93.4, other Serer radio stations using the “Ndef Leng” brand followed suit throughout Serer country, in Senegal, including Ndef Leng FM Fatick 93.5, Radio Ndef Leng Diourbel 96.4 FM, etc. The station offers a mixture of on-air debate, discussions, and educational programs in the Serer languages (Serer and Cangin), Wolof, and French. The station also has its own listener club.[4][7][5] As of 2017, the Seereer Resource Centre in collaboration with its radio station—Seereer Radio became joint sponsors of Radio Ndef Leng Diourbel 96.4 FM—thereby allowing the station to reach a much wider listenership through their podcast and on-air replays.


AlloDakar TamTam radio is a music radio station. It is known worldwide as Senegal’s popular radio station. Its mission is to provide popular music to the residents of Senegal and beyond.

Radio Contact Info:

Name : AlloDakar Radio TamTam
Type : MP3
Location : Dakar, Senegal
Language : French
Website : www.allodakar.com