Popular Radio Stations in Slovenia

Listen to Slovenia radio online! A list of the Popular Radio Stations in Slovenia from around the Web. Sort by popularity. Listening to radio is a great way to develop an ear for a foreign language. The online radio stations below can help you do just that! Sort by name, location, and genre to find a station that suits your interests.

Free Radio Tune is simply to find out the online radio stations now available to listeners. With the growth of the World Wide Web and advances in telecommunications, music, news, sports and talk are only a few clicks away. Tune in and enjoy worlds most popular Online radios.

The List of Popular Radio Stations in Slovenia:

1. Radio Aktual 

2. Radio Veseljak 

3. Radio Vlna 

4. Radio Center Love 

5. Radio Aktual Live 

6. Radio Center 80s 

7. Radio Center 

8. Radio Capris Hits 

9. Radio Veseljak 

10. Radio Odmev

Popular online Radio Stations in Slovenia 

Popular Slovenia Radio

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