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Radio Antenna has positioned itself as the most successful and most listened to urban radio for active people up to the age of 40 years. Listeners who are with us in the rhythm of youth, get a daily dose of new music, the latest information and interesting and fun and laughter. Radio frequency antenna daily also reflect the current local happenings, so often we answer live with the most high-profile events, but otherwise let us know your team and winners not embarrassed to take for a few days also where the rest of the world, in places brezskrbnejše and broadcast from right there. Radio.

The music of Slovenia is closely related to Austrian music because of its common history and Alpine and littoral culture. Croatian and Northern Italian music from the regions close to Slovenian border also bear some resemblance to Slovenian music. In the minds of many foreigners, Slovenian folk music means a form of polka that is still popular today, especially among expatriates and their descendants. However, there are many styles of Slovenian folk music beyond polka and waltz. Kolo, lender, štajeriš, mafrine and šaltin are a few of the traditional music styles and dances. Rural harmony singing is a deep rooted tradition in Slovenia, and is at least three-part singing (four voices), while in some regions even up to eight-part singing (nine voices). Slovenian folk songs, thus, usually resounds soft and harmonious, and are very seldom in minor. Typical Slovenian folk music is performed on Styrian harmonica (the oldest type of accordion), fiddle, clarinet, zithers, flute, and by brass bands of alpine type. In eastern Slovenia, fiddle and cimbalom bands are called velike goslarije. Traditional Slovenian music include various kinds of musical instruments

Radio Information:

Location: Slovenia

Language: Slovenian

Genres: Rock, Hits

Web Site: www.radioantena.si