IFIYE Radio is the first Somali internet Radio aired on the internet and it offers News, sports, talk shows, and various genres of music, especially Somali traditional music. This Radio created by Somali exiled Journalists who live indifferent countries around the world. IFIYE Radio is one of the most famous online radio station on Somalia.
IFIYE Radio kushaqeeysa Internet using a mechanical ugudanbeeya of the world’s radio stations use the World kushaqeeya Internet and language laguyiraahdo … INTERNET RADIOS. For far too long in the kajiray Press transmit different types, such as audio media, media types and see which diseases to read the media and all experienced difficult times and sooshaqeeyeen varying ugudanbeeyntiise in the 2015 information media is growing and usoobadanaya loodaawado television free of foreign language laguyiraahdo FREE tO AIR SATELLITE .. which in any event present everywhere. Talefishinadaasi still have not won everything Somali apply to submit their time to happen but waxaaysameeyaan that information to kusoodaraan part very limited on Sunday … why not when they happen usiideeynkarina are unable financially and completely Reporting directly to financial and quality.
IFIYE Radio can also kuusahlikartaa to LIVE or directly kugusoogudbiso everything kadhexdhacaya community events, religious events, Artistic Events, and the reception people who owns social value.

Radio Information:

Location: Somalia

Language: English

Genres: Local Music, Talk, News

Web Site: www.ifiyeradio.com