Kaya FM 95.9

Kaya FM 95.9

KAYA FM 95.9 reflects the lives of the predominantly black, urban listener between the ages 25 – 49 living in Gauteng. The station South Africa  broadcasts both music and talk, and this makes it unique from other ICASA approved licences. its launched in August 1997, and was one of the first new frequencies to be approved for private commercial radio.

its broadcasts in English on the FM frequency signal 95. (Dot) 9, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The current listenership stands at 560 000 per average day and 1, 450 000 for the past seven days. The music format offers a diverse and soulful mix of adult contemporary music to smoother sounds like R&B, World, Soul and Jazz.

This Fm  listener is defined as Afropolitan: a mature, sophisticated, socially conscious individual rooted in heritage and progressive thought leader. The Afropolitan is a self-determining, discerning individual who is well informed and a player in the global environment.

The female listener is a sophisticated, ambitious and versatile woman with a strong sense of responsibility. Therefore her needs do not differ much from her male counterpart, but although she is very business minded, focusing on money and work, she is also a sensitive person. She is a caring and concerned mother with the well-being of her child/children ever present in her heart and mind – this is a key driver in her work and quest for money and wealth. She is very aware of the needs and welfare of others (her community) and admires people who reach out and uplift others. She is very aware of honesty and sincerity and detests pretentious and fake people and institutions – being real is a very admiral and appealing quality for this istener.

Radio Information:

Location:  South Africa Language: English
Genres: Adult Contemporary, Africa WebSite: www.kayafm.co.za