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UCT Radio

UCT Radio is live broadcasting from Cape Town, South Africa. From the underground beats of hip hop, to the euphoric tones of house and the classic tunes of rock,  and everything else in between, UCT Radio embodies what it truly means to be a music lover. The station captures a diverse audience of university students, staffers and even the wider Cape Town community.

UCT Radio is a student-run, campus-community station, catering not only to the students and staff of UCT but also secondary school pupils and the broader youth community of Cape Town. It is the biggest campus station in Cape Town and the only one licensed to broadcast to the Metropolitan area.

UCT Radio actively engages with an audience best described as aspirational youth – youth with a strong desire to succeed in their careers, finances and personal lives but with enough of a social conscience to reinvest in their communities. Our target market of 14 – 26 year olds also includes pupils from high school, students from other tertiary institutions and young professionals, as well as other individuals who prefer our young, vibrant sound to conservative mainstream radio stations.

Programming at UCT Radio reflects the culture and diversity of campus life, following a cross-genre approach to music with a strict 50 percent minimum of South African music. Our support of emerging artists and talent has seen close partnerships formed with everyone from theatres and cultural centres, to record companies and bands. Specialist shows from 6pm until midnight are renowned for introducing new music to the local audience and showcase not only the best in youth culture but also feature musicians and deejays from the biggest clubs in the Mother City. This line up includes hip-hop, kwaito, trance, house, drum ‘n bass, reggae, rock and world music.

Radio Information:

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Language: English

Genres: Hip Hop, Rock

Web Site: www.radio.uct.ac.za

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