Gold FM

Gold FM

Gold FM live broadcasting from Sri Lanka. Gold FM broadcast various kind of Classic Rock, Oldies music . Gold FM is a one of the most famous online radio station on Sri Lanka.

Caste-based folk poems (kavi) originated as communal song shared within individual groups as they engaged in daily work. Today, they remain a popular form of cultural expression. Kavi was also sung to accompany annual rituals. These ancient rites are rarely performed in contemporary Sri Lanka, but the preserved songs are still performed by folk musicians.

Another traditional Sri Lankan folk style is called the virindu. It involves an improvised poem sung to the beaten melody of a rabana. Traditional song contests were held in which two virindu singers would compete through spontaneous verse. The Portuguese influenced Baila has been a popular folk tradition along the coastal districts in the past five hundred years and is now part of the mainstream music culture.Western classical music has been studied and performed in Sri Lanka since its introduction during the Portuguese colonial period of the 19th century. The upper middle-class and upper-class citizens of the country traditionally formed the pedagogues, students, and audience of the Western classical tradition in the country, although western music is also offered as a subject at secondary schools and at tertiary level.

Radio Information:

Location: SriLanka

Language: English

Genres: Soft, Pop, Rock

Web Site: www.goldfm.lk