Alsiyada live

۩ السيادة ۩ – Alsiyada Mauqi

۩ السيادة ۩ – Alsiyada Mauqi:

۩ السيادة ۩ – Alsiyada Mauqi live to broadcast from Sudan. Listen to Radio ۩ السيادة ۩ Sovereignty التي, which broadcasts the lessons of Shaykh al-Islam al-Sharif, Ibrahim Saleh al-Husseini, concerning the knowledge of Allah and His Messenger and the call to the truth through a proper understanding of the orders of religion

Radio Information:

Location: Sudan

Language: English

Genres: Various

Web Site: Alsiyada

Facebook: Alsiyada

Alsiyada live
۩ السيادة ۩ - Alsiyada Mauqi