Rp The Hot one

Rp The Hot one

Rp The Hot one live broadcasting from Suriname. Rp The Hot one is another radio station that is owned by the national and government owned radio network Radio Suriname. This is a particular radio which is targeted for the lovers and listeners of Hip Hop music they plays a non stop mix of Hip Hop music 24 hours a day to make their radio Rp The Hot one one of the best in its class.

RP The Hot One is the channel for the trendy Surinamese. It is a part of the Rapar Broadcasting Network (RBN). RP is an abbreviation of Radio Paramaribo. Both online and over the air to receive the station at 89.7 FM. Music is central to this radio station. For that reason, will play more music and less talk. The radio station has a female character which is due to the hip songs every day to listen to the station. In addition, there will be presented a number of programs that attracts youth in Suriname. The music that you can listen to The Hot One range from dancehall to rap and Surinamese songs. His English-language pop songs popular on the station.

Multiple languages are spoken because of the multicultural nature. This applies to music, commercials and the programs. The languages on the radio speaking Dutch, English, Surinamese and a little Spanish.

Radio Information:

Location: Suriname

Language: Dutch

Genres: Hip Hop, Variety

Web Site: www.radio-suriname.nl/rp-the-hot-one