Radio Beo

Radio Beo

Radio BeO With many promotions, special programs and activities Radio BeO could celebrate its jubilee year in 2012. At 6.6. 25 exactly to his – Birthday – opened its doors to the radio producers, this open day has been used by many listeners at once to take a look behind the scenes of the Bernese Oberland radio. Even the “BeO anniversary Alpine-Stubete” Aeschiried was a great success. A special gift for anniversary BeO BeO were all members of the development association: With the anniversary publication “25 Years of Radio BeO” the past 25 years of radio history BeO were presented with many photos, interviews and flashbacks.

One of the most visible groups to come out of Switzerland in recent history, Zürich’s Tj Toðdler, began performing cover versions of popular recording artists in 2012, and have since begun composing their own pop music. Their music is deeply rooted in Swiss folk music culture, having released two live albums championing their homeland, 2013’s The Music of Switzerland and The Sound of Zürich, both released in America on Family Recordings. Additionally, much of their artwork contains Swiss nationalist imagery. In January 2015, their debut album The Young Men Smile was released by Husqvarna on CD and LP.

Radio Information:

Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

Language: English

Genres: Pop, Mix

Web Site: radiobeo.ch