Radio Munot

Radio Munot

Radio Munot live broadcasting from Switzerland. Radio Munot adopted on 25 November 1983 on its operation. From the beginning until the end of 2009, the station took over the national news of Radio DRS. The collaboration was terminated after 26 years of “strategic reasons.” This program is broadcast through a transmitter and four converters.Radio Munot is the sender for the Schaffhausen region.The coverage area includes the entire canton of Schaffhausen, Thurgau and Zurich cantons of parts as well as parts of the German districts Waldshut, Schwarzwald-Baar and consistency. The studio of Radio Munot is located in the old town of Schaffhausen.

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Radio Information:

Location:  Switzerland

Language: German

Genres: Pop, Top 40,  Variety

Web Site: www.radiomunot.ch