Online Radio Tambrin

Online Radio Tambrin:

Online radio Tambrin programming in Trinidad and Tobago caters to a diverse ethnic demographic. The genesis of radio broadcasting in Trinidad and Tobago began in 1925 with British Rediffiusion via a wired relay network. During World War II, the US Armed Forces Radio Service network – WVDI began broadcasting in May 1943 from Fort Reid, Chaguaramas.[1] At that time, WVDI mainly serviced the armed forces throughout the Caribbean.


Radio Tambrin remains the only radio station in Trinidad and Tobago founded by Tobagonians. Tamarin airs news broadcasts, call-in and discussion programs, sports reports, and music throughout the day and night, 24/7. Tamarins DJs interact with their listeners and the wide-ranging music mix is what their Tobago audience appreciates.

Radio Contact Info:


 #3 Picton Street Scarborough Tobago.

 [email protected]