Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya live broadcasting from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ajmal FM is one of the most famous online radio station on UAE. Al Arabiya is the UAE’s most in-demand Arabic-language place, attracting this bulk UAE Arab viewers due to its give attention to actively playing solely this most-popular music by along the place. This is attractive firmly to be able to both equally its local and ex-pat viewers connected with modern Arabs.
Having a goal age group connected with 24-35, our own fans tend to be younger, aspiring professionals. They may be professional looking to enhance their particular careers. They may be younger fathers and mother beginning their own families. They may be younger people who wish to be stylish and are living this Dubai way of living, and so they select Al Arabiya99, this place which in turn displays that.

Radio Information:

Location: UAE

Language: Arabic

Genres: Arabic, Pop, Talk, Top 40

Web Site: www.alarabiya99.ae