Channel 4 FM

Channel 4 FM

Channel 4 FM live broadcasting from Ajman, United Arab Emirates. 104.8 Channel 4 is part of the Channel 4 Radio Network which was launched in June 1997. It was the first ever commercial radio network in the United Arab Emirates and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ajman Independent Studios. Channel 4 FM may be the group’s flagship place. The modern coding policy involving ‘All this Hits’ has allowed this place to extend its songs participate in record based on what exactly listeners from the UAE want. Channel 4 FM is usually greatly private, presenting listeners the very best in Language CHR Visitors on the UK & ALL OF US. It’s energetic, interesting, quality output, offering by far the most outrageous presenters that add their own infectious hint for the manufacturer.

Radio Information:

Location: UAE

Language: English

Genres: Pop, Top 40, Variety

Web Site: www.channel4fm.com