Alpha Fm

Alpha Fm

Alpha Fm broadcasting from Kampala, Uganda. Alpha Fm is the best in class radio broadcaster and is among the popular radios of Uganda. Uganda is a very culturally rich country they have their own tradition, culture and a life style of their own. Along with all these things they have also got a music type of their own and Alpha Fm is there to play some of their very best pop and top 40 radio songs.

Overall mission of this channel is to motivate community to appreciate the problems of the least noticed females, kids, individuals with incapacity, and young people among others, through the efficient use of press for maintainable growth. Goals are to provide, distribute and come back growth information to different concentrate on categories for their use, conversation and opinions. The broadcasting medium is the English Language.

Radio Information:

Location: Uganda

Language: English

Genres: Pop, Top 40

Web Site: alpha.victoryuganda.org