Bakahnal Radio

Bakahnal Radio:

Bakahnal Radio lives broadcasting from the UK. Its radio vision is to make the Caribbean culture and musical trend alive for their people living at home and abroad and also for the next generation of listeners. To fulfill this aim of their they most of the time play songs and music that are connected with the Caribbean and its culture.

World music is a musical category encompassing many different styles of music from around the globe, which includes many genres of non-Western music including folk music, ethnic music, traditional music, indigenous music, neotraditional music, and music where more than one cultural tradition, such as when ethnic music and Western popular music intermingle. World music’s inclusive nature and elasticity as a musical category pose obstacles to a universal definition, but its ethic of interest in the culturally exotic is encapsulated in Roots magazine’s description of the genre as “local music from out there”. The term was popularized in the 1980s as a marketing category for non-Western traditional music. Globalization has facilitated the expansion of world music’s audiences and scope. It has grown to include hybrid subgenres such as world fusion, global fusion, ethnic fusion, and worldbeat.


Radio Information:

Location: UK

Language: English

Genres: World Music

Web Site: www.bakahnalradio.com

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