Black Cat Radio

Black Cat Radio

Black Cat Radio live broadcasting from UK. Black Cat Radio plays the world’s greatest music across St Neots, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Newmarket, Peterborough and beyond, and online to the world! Black Cat Radio broadcast from Saint Neots, United Kingdom.

Adult contemporary is heavy on romantic sentimental ballads which mostly use acoustic instruments (though bass guitar is usually used) such as acoustic guitars, pianos, saxophones, and sometimes an orchestral set. The electric guitars are normally faint and high-pitched. However, recent adult contemporary music may usually feature synthesizers (and other electronics, such as drum machines).

Community Music is an album by British band Asian Dub Foundation, released on 20 March 2000. The album reached #20 in the UK album charts and received a rare 10/10 score in New Musical Express.

A number of UK cities are known for their music. Acts from Liverpool have had more UK chart number one hit singles per capita (54) than any other city worldwide.Glasgow’s contribution to music was recognised in 2008 when it was named a UNESCO City of Music, one of only three cities in the world to have this honour.

Radio Information:

Location: UK

Language: English

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Community, Local Music

Web Site: www.blackcatradio.biz