Radio Uruguay Online

Radio Uruguay Online

Radio Uruguay Online live broadcasting from Uruguay. Radio Uruguay Online is 24 hour 7 day live Online radio. With very high passion among their listeners in regard of their radio and various types of programs Radio Uruguay Online broadcasts each day, hour just to entertain their listeners in the most engaging way possible.

As a product of a family especially interested in culture, music in general and the education of their children in particular, and with a primary interest in history, art history, linguistics and literature, he became interested in the roots of The native music. As a child, his family would move to Sarandí del Yí (Peach), where he would spend his childhood, and later to Florida, where he would attend the first years of his secondary studies and then continue in the French Lyceum in Montevideo, but which would never end . Curious and eager to experience life, during his youth he led an almost nomadic life touring places and experiencing experiences that were the core of his work.

In 1973 Juan Maria Bordaberry had decreed the dissolution of the Chambers and the installation of a Council of State. Once the departmental governments had been revoked and the Autonomous Institutions intervened, the National Convention of Workers had been illegalized, its leaders imprisoned, and the first students killed by dictatorial repression had fallen. It had thus begun an absolute control of all aspects of the life of the citizens, even in areas that were not related to the political terrain: destitutions of teachers, closure of the institutes of teacher training and next the intervention of the University of the Republic , Which began the usual brutal repression that shaped this period.

Location: Uruguay

Language: Spanish

Genres: Alternative

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