102.5 Jack FM Online Radio

102.5 Jack FM Online Radio:

Bob Perry was the first radio programmer to dedicate the Jack FM format to the US-based Internet radio stream in 2000. Perry named the station a fictional man, “Cadillac Jack” Garrett, “a strict living radio cowboy.” The story behind making Perry for the original web stream is Garrett, a disc jockey who did a lot of “Big Stick” work, eventually got his own radio station and was asked to create a station about what he would play a few years later – And. The motto was “playing where we want”. However, according to Rogers Communications, The first Jack AFM radio station in Vancouver, Boutish, Canada, is named after Barrett Etuku and Taglin. Learn about the listeners of American movie songs with the first Jack programmer patent printing No “Jack” of this name was found when he toured the event. Shortly after the inauguration, Rogers reached an agreement with Perez to use the name Jack FM in Canada. The original web stream is still live.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 5800 Foxridge Dr 6th Floor Mission, KS 66202

Phone: 913-514-3000

102.5 Jack FM