103.9 Recuerdo Online Radio

103.9 Recuerdo Online Radio:

103.9 FM / 98.3 FM Recuerdo – KRCD is in Inglewood, California. A radio station broadcasts on 103.9 FM in the Los Angeles area.

The station is owned by Univision Communications. As a matter of fact, Associate organization Univision Radio. As a matter of fact, KRCV and KRCD are Spanish languages. About all this, Promotes adult music format as “Ricardo”.

As I have said, KRCD is a radio station in Inglewood, California. Which is “Ricardo Por Tu Votashian” or “Remember Ricardo for your vote”. The Broadcast on 103.9 FM promotes Spanish-language adult music with slogans.

103.9 Recuerdo in addition info:

At the present time, KRCV / KRRF combo. At first, Provides variations from the first 40 hit-driven pop formats. After that Has been playing a role of choice among listeners of all ages.

Because after ABC Radio’s approval agreement expired last year. It takes operation.

And Palos Verdes provides free reign in their daily lives on the peninsula. Although it still targets bilingual teenagers. Those who can’t get enough English language Top40POP.

KRCD is a radio station. Which is dedicated to the Spanish music community in Los Angeles. It is owned by Univision. In an adult Ricardo format that resembles Shakira or Luis Fonsi. Today’s popular artists have Latin ballads and pop songs.

All in all,  103.9 Recuerdo – KRCV, 98 3 watts per day. At this time too the Broadcast on this frequency ly kseao ese salsa beats ay no hay para.

As well, KRCD is in Los Angeles, California. An adult music format station. All in all, Popular artists like Ricardo Vallejo and Jose Feliciano.

Spanish language songs have been programmed. Those who speak both languages ​​fluently. Talk shows mixed with entertainment news for them!

103.9 FM, 98.3 FM 103.9 Recuerdo – KRCD is in English California. The best 103.9 Recuerdo is a radio station that broadcasts in the Los Angeles area. And promotes adult-friendly music in Spanish under “Ricardo.”

The following passage is for one of its stations. After all, Discusses internationally known branding identities.

Los Angeles has a lot to offer.

And KRCD is your station for everything Spanish! The radio crew promotes an adult music format. Which makes you want to get up from this seat immediately.

After all, KRCD 103.9 Recuerdo is a Spanish-language radio station. Which is broadcasting in Los Angeles, California.

It was founded by Ricardo Corpus. And his family wants “the best for an audience like ours”.

The station’s slogan is “Ricardo knows you” to promote their music format.

So that there are songs by Latin artists like Shakira, Ricky Martin, or Enrique Iglesias. They are Usher’s 200 hits single with More. Also promotes some English language tracks!

KPWR-FM (97.9 FM) – La Preciosa

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 5999 Center Dr. Los Angeles CA 90045, USA

Phone: 1-844-410-1039


103.9 Recuerdo