897 WITR Radio

897 WITR Radio

897 WITR Radio live broadcasting from United States. 897 WITR Radio is a hip hop and rnb music based radio station. 897 WITR Radio is all about the music. Our dedication to our listeners goes further than just finding the best music to grace your ears. We want you to EXPERIENCE the music as it was truly meant to be…live and personal.

WITR 89.7 is a collaborative radio station run by students with a love of music and a desire to foster a community that shares in this passion. WITR is the authoritative source of new and undiscovered music, providing the public with a unique media experience and serving as a public face of the Rochester Institute of Technology. WITR is fueled by passion. Our students pride themselves on being a progressive and evolving station that constantly pushes the boundaries of music and extends its potential as an organization.

WITR strives to be the best student-run and operated radio station in the country. Our DJs are exceptional at what they do, seeking out talented, emerging artists and providing listeners with a unique listening experience across all genres. WITR is your source for new and upcoming music.

WITR is a family of hard-working and diverse students. It breeds leaders with strong character who seek to meaningfully impact the world around them. Unified by their love of the station, our members form deep bonds and create a mutually supportive environment of self-expression and personal growth.

Radio Information:

Location: USA

Language: English

Genres: Alternative, Techno

WebSite: witr.rit.edu