96.9 KISS FM

96.9 KISS FM:

At this present time, 96.9 Kiss FM Paris is a radio station. All in all, Kentucky provides top 40 / pop, bluegrass, and adult contemporary music.

96.9KissFM – On the second floor of the WGKS Bowman Building 210 in Downtown Paris in West Short Street. Broadcast stations in his studio. Flagship station for this network.

96.9KissFM WGKs Paris Official website address. 96kissfm.com/wgks are. 96. Kiss FM Kentucky has a long history in this region of Kentucky. Interesting with the community and participating in many local events.

96.9 Kiss FM in addition info:

At this present time, French DJ and Music Producer David. All in all, Gates, There has been a favorite of fans of FM for a decade.

He first recognized his hit 2003 single “only more.” Sia, Chris Jarman. And later the voice of achievement was in 2008. All in all, Admi reveals the vocals of Denters. He just gave it to the album.

But it’s all good! Ichiban Entertainment / Enemy Music Publishing. As well as,  Catalog on April 29th Worldwide.

At this present time, Naki Minaj and Flow Montana in 2010. After all, Featuring French Montana Remix of Remix. Another one was a few successful units including the dust.

As a time to Imagine the perfect way to get your heart racing Imagine in love. But this moment can not feel anything. Because you are for eternity. All these enthusiastic feelings are missing.

It’s time for the most romantic music in the world. 96.9 KISS FM your one-stop-store. Which someone you do with someone’s love songs. If you want to feel special, then do not want to look for the perfect song.

A listener FM is in love with the station programming to 96.9 KISS FM. Which includes everything to dance from pop music.

Kiss FM is a popular radio station that broadcasts from Dublin. All in all, Broadcast from Ireland to the world throughout the audience.

The main format of this music-based talk shot was made by Alan McGee. And it on 15 April 1986. With Dermot Morgan on April 15, 1986. Before its transplantation is closed in its own program.


BBC Radio 1 was broadcast as part of the morning program. After all, From 1991 to 1995, he stayed at 92 IQ. Which is known as “mixer”, which is today. Their sign-offs can thank both abroad abroad abroad.

The best, 96.9 KISS FM has become much more than your choice tracks to survive. They make unique sound motions along with time. Which holds the truth and initially make them famous.

In a world where music is an essential part of life. It is not surprising that there are different types and styles. There will be such a kind of FM radio. Which broadcast from the station all over the country throughout the country.

After that, From the audience to the audience every audience. Broadcast 96.9 kg cachefm since 2005. His customer has made a new time! All things tune to 96.9 KISS FM for music!

Additionally, From 9am to 5pm. You release the latest hit songs. And you will hear everything from the performance of the hottest concert. Additionally, From today’s top 40 hits. Ed Sheran or Taylor acted like Swift by your favorite artists.

As a matter of fact, Eric Clippton’s “change world” album cycle. After all, Catalogs behind Yesteryear classics like album cycle. Goodies on their way again.-This station has only got something new in each hour.

Which will even encourage experienced audiences with the enthusiastic mixture of words. As well as,  Join R & B from grooving under the deep house inside the dubstate warehouse.

Listeners are now new 96.9 KISS FM. Additionally, An up-and-upcoming alternative rock station may hear their favorite artists.

About all this, Parts in Canada and Europe. And in some parts of Europe, ST Lewis Mohammad At Louis Md.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 401 W Main St Ste 301 Lexington, KY 40507-1646

Phone: 859-280-5477

96.9 KISS FM Radio